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First match away against Staffordshire U18

Worcestershire U18 AWAY V Staffordshire U18
Sunday 29 October 2017

As all County Junior Shires league matches, the away fixture at Staffordshire required the usual four girls and four boys for the team.
The fixture being at the end of the half-term week provided normal team selection with several absentees. Eventually with only 48 hours to go a team was finalised. But not for long. With less than 24 hour a sprained ankle mean we were now down to three girls. So with only three girls Staffordshire were already 4-0 up, as no player the games were conceded. Luckily Staffordshire found an extra girls who kindly agreed to play for use (even thought the points would not count) and it was hr birthday. So happy Birthday and and a big thank you to Shruti Deshprender.

So Worcestershire’s U18 away fixture saw not only a age young team but an experienced young team. Most parents had travelled to spectate and encourage they child to play well. The final score of 18-2 does not unfortunately give you a true picture of the 6 games that were closely lost with 17, 18 and 19s. IF these games had of gone our way, it would have made the final score so much closer.

All of the mixed pairing when stepping on court had never played together before, certainly not under match conditions. But each mixed pair worked hard together and communication between the couples was flowing.
Singles. The boys found it a little harder than the girls. Their rallies were longer and each point was fought for and well deserved, unfortunately the crucial shot going Staffordshire’s way. The girls for the majority of games closer results and saw Emily C, give Worcestershire their first game. GO Emily C……..well played and fantastic determination. Sophie played well moving the opponent around but missing out on the winning shots. Emily M did herself proud, returning to county juniors and with almost no match experience, thrown in at the deep end, way to go Emily and thank you.
Moving on the the level doubles. Ethan and Charlie played extremely well together, narrowly losing 19 and 19 to their equal pair. Well played the two of you. Matt and Zak for their first time on court together facing the first pair of Staffordshire a strong and positive first outing where they grew in confidence ready for the second pair. Their game against the second pair saw Worcestershire’s second win. Well done Matt and Zak.
Sophie and Emily C, again a new pairing saw respectable scores but unfortunately the oppositions experience paid off.
A special thanks go to Emily M who relatively new to the county stood up to the challenge and also moms and dads for taking on the M5 roadworks.

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Volunteers 2017

WBSA are looking for Volunteers

VolunteersAs a county we are always in need of some volunteers to help with a number of jobs during the badminton season.

Jobs can be as simple as helping the coaches set up the posts and nets at the start of the session. Collecting any/all used shuttles at the end of the session and putting the equipment away.

Getting a little more involved would be, jobs like helping out at any of the tournaments we run. This involves a little more commitment during the tournament. Even getting involved in the set up and work carried out prior to the event. Lots to do and a job shared always works well.

Another job is a Team manager for matches, working with the coach to organize the team for fixture, home or away (refreshment and transport etc…). Then there is always being part of the committee, fixtures secretary, secretary, chairman etc. etc. etc. Volunteers are what make the county run more successfully. If you feel you have a little or a lot of time then contact one of the committee members or drop Stephanie a line, on either her mobile 07976 814036 or her email stefcr@live.co.uk.

Look forward to you volunteering soon.

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