Our commitment to safeguarding
WSBA is committed to safeguarding the welfare of all children (anyone under the age of 18 years) and keeping them safe from harm.
WSBA recognises that safeguarding children is everyone’s business.
WSBA will create an environment in which players and parents and anyone in contact with WSBA can raise concerns about the safety, welfare and well-being of all children involved in its activities.

How we safeguard and protect young players – The full responsibilities of the WSBA committee are laid out in the Badminton England Safeguarding and Protecting Young People Policy (Dec 2012) and in the Badminton England Safeguarding and Protecting Young People Guidelines (Feb 2010)

These include:

  • Safe recruitment of volunteers and any paid workers (including coaches)
  • Recognising and responding to concerns about the welfare or safety of young players
  • Expectations of coaches, volunteers, parents/ carers and players
  • Dealing with a range of situations which occur during the course of providing badminton based activities such as:
    • Changing for sport
    • Recording, using and storing photographs and video images
    • Transporting players
    • Preventing, and responding to, bullying
  • The role of the Child Welfare Officer

WSBA Child Welfare Officer – In line with the above policy, WSBA appoints a Child Welfare Officer each year whose role is to encourage best practice in safeguarding children in the organisation and to act as a first port of call for any concerns about the welfare of any child in contact with WSBA.

For the 2013 -14 season our child welfare officer is: Stephen Dodd, mobile: 07981 931849, email:

Other safeguarding contacts – see other safeguarding contacts page