All players in County training squads are registered with Badminton England by the County. Coaches encourage all players to enter Badminton England Tournaments as they are a very important part of a player’s development. It is suggested that players consider entering at least 3 junior circuit tournaments each year.

There are graded Junior Circuit tournaments for U13, U15 and U17 age groups: rated Bronze, Silver and Gold (Gold tournaments being the highest standard). For players in the Under 11 age group, BE offer an Under 11 circuit without gradings.

Each tournament is named by the county that is hosting it, the age group and the grade of tournament e.g. Warwickshire U15 Bronze.

Most tournaments consist of matches in a “box” of at least 4 players who play each other once, followed by knock-out stages. You are therefore guaranteed 3-4 good quality games even if you do not win the box and progress to the knockout stages.

The tournament schedule for the coming year can be found by clicking here

Players collect ranking points from attending Badminton England sanctioned junior circuit (JC) tournaments and from how well they do at them.