Getting Involved

We would encourage all parents to become involved in contributing to the opportunities that WSBA creates to enable children and young people from across Worcestershire to participate in and enjoy this great sport and all that it has to offer.

There are many ways for parents to get involved and contribute to junior county badminton in Worcestershire.

Parents are encouraged to think about supporting WSBA either through being a member of the committee or by taking on a less formal role. These other roles include:

  • Helping to organise a tournament
  • Helping out on the day of a tournament
  • Preparing a copy for the WSBA website and / or press releases
  • Running a fund-raising event or activity
  • Promoting opportunities for new players inc. advertising trials and tournaments
  • Using any existing skill or interest you might have

If you have a particular interest or skill let one of the committee members know and we’ll see how we can put it to good use.