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ICT 2019 – Worcestershire Junior Report

Worcestershire Junior Report –  ICT 2019
Worcestershire juniors were extremely pleased we managed to enter a team into the ICT championships this year after failing to do so last year due to the lack of girl to field a FULL team last year.
We have been rebuilding the team this season with all our coaches working hard to get the players up to speed. We now have a real good young team where some have a potential to be in the ICT team for the next three years.
The team consisted of 5 boys and 4 girls.
Sophie Singleton
Diya Dinu
Sri Pradeepta Anantha
Emily Carpenter
Toby Beckett
Dileep Dhanda
Zak Malik
Varun Latte
Jamil Sama
There were 32 counties, this year in the event which is the lowest number of teams I’ve known for a long time. Ten years ago before I started running the County Juniors there were 44 teams. Worcestershire then came 44th. We have come a long way since. Over the past 10 years our highest placing has been 18th. So Far…..We were seeded in 2019 (25-32). So all the players knew the stats and we were on a mission to set our own benchmark with this young squad. Not one of these players had been to ICT before so it was exciting and nerve racking at the same time.
Day 1
Our first match was a local one but also against the Number 1 seeds Warwickshire. We knew it was going to be tough and we eventually lost 10-0 but a lot of good performances and a good game to get the team going. 2nd match v Lincolnshire a great effort as we were up 4-2 and getting excited. Eventually losing 6-4. Winning mixed and 2 girls singles and 1 boy’s singles. 3rd Match v Avon we lost 8-2. The girl’s singles putting up a good performance and winning both of their matches in three sets.
Day 2
4th Match v Nottingham (9/24) seeds. Strong opponents yet again so we lost 9-1 winning one boys singles. 5th Match another local battle v Hereford (9-24). A really good close hard fought match with Worcestershire eventually winning the match 6-4. Our first win at ICT we were so pleased. We won 1 mixed, girl’s singles, 1 boys doubles and both girls’ doubles.
6th Match v Northamptonshire (25/32). We knew we had a chance to win as Hereford had already beaten them. We won 8-2. GREAT DAY in the office an excellent effort from the all the players. Everyone slept well that night. Players and coaches.
Day 3
7th Match v Staffordshire. (9/24) We lost to a strong Staffordshire team but some good close matches and performances final score being 7-3. We won girls singles and both girls’ doubles. 8th Match v Oxfordshire (9/24). We played around with the team in this match, as there were a lot of tired legs and aching bodies as the schedule was relentless. We lost the match 8-2. Winning girls singles and a girl’s doubles. The matches were over for that day and we had the Disco that evening to look forward to.!!!!
With such a young team I think all of them would have preferred to go out for a pizza or play pool!!! Coaches, Team managers included…
We survived the disco.
Day 4
9th match. Only 1 more game to go v Gloucestershire (9/14 seeds). We threw everything at this last match as not saving ourselves for anything anymore. A great team effort and performance but sadly we lost 7-3. We won both girl’s singles and one boy’s singles.
Final position 24th
We are so pleased with our position especially with such a young squad.
I would like to say special congratulations to Emily Carpenter who played every game of ladies singles and doubles 16 matches in total. She won 7/8 singles only losing to Warwickshire. This was an awesome effort from her.
Also a special well done to Diya Dinu who has only been playing badminton for 18 months and has made massive strides in her development and being a big team players in this squad and representing Worcestershire for the first time.
It was a fabulous 4 days of hard work, determination, and dedication from all the players who were Proud to be part of this Team and county.
Thank You,
I would like to thank Stephanie Cartwright Randle who sponsored the Squad Including Coaches/Team Managers with Forza Kit, which brought the team together, and they looked very smart throughout.
Junior County Committee
Thank you for all your time you dedicate to put the program together. This contribution allows all the squads a clear pathway to be able to develop and compete. It gives children the chance to make friendships, learn lessons and create some fantastic memories during their County Junior Badminton Experience.
Steve Cosgrove (chairman)(treasurer)(lots of other roles)
Sarah Becket (fixtures secretary)
Luke Beckett (Team Manager)
Dave Prior (development)
Liz Hamar(Child Welfare Officer)
Stephanie Cartwright Randle (secretary)
I would like to thank our Coaches, Julia Quinn (Mann), Stephanie Cartwright Randle, Dave Prior, Ramesh Singh and Bradley Ross. Who have worked tirelessly and enthusiastically with all the players involved in this team but are also developing the younger players of the future. Without everyone’s commitment to these roles the county Junior squad would just not happen.
Parents/Team managers – A good team of parents being there for the most of the experience was great. A noisy bunch as ever. Thank you for trusting your children to our care and allowing us to push them to their limits. Thank you also for all your time and dedication in fetching and carrying you children to all the training that they do to enable them to be competitive and follow their dreams. The ICT squad was a credit to you and the County.
Worcestershire Badminton Association the senior committee for paying the entrance fees for ICT enabling the junior team to enter. Thank you from all the players.
It has been a great honor and pleasure once again to be Head Coach and part of Worcestershire Junior County.
Lorraine Cole
Worcestershire Junior Head Coach

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2018 U14 Worcestershire junior county trials

2018 u14Worcestershire are holding their County junior trails 2018 U14 and U12 

Worcestershire 2018 U14 trails are being held on 1st July. Young badminton players from all over the county should attend the junior county trials. If you are not certain how good you are then why not come tray out your skills. The county are holding the younger age groups trails following the success of their U18 and U16 event early in June.

So calling all junior clubs, PE teachers and parents, are there any young players that you feel could compete with the own age group piers, then get them to click HERE and complete the entry form. Email it over and get them entered. The day will be full of games, they may win some, they will certainly loss a couple but they will certainly learn a lot. The could even be asked to train with the county junior quad.

For more details regarding the 2018 U14 and U12 Worcestershire county junior trials the Click HERE or contact Stephanie Cartwright-Randle (WSBA Secretary) on 07976 814036 or

If you can not make the date, let Stephaniei know and she will advice on what to do next. As an individual trail can be arranged at one of the  county’s satellite sessions.

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First match away against Staffordshire U18

Worcestershire U18 AWAY V Staffordshire U18
Sunday 29 October 2017

As all County Junior Shires league matches, the away fixture at Staffordshire required the usual four girls and four boys for the team.
The fixture being at the end of the half-term week provided normal team selection with several absentees. Eventually with only 48 hours to go a team was finalised. But not for long. With less than 24 hour a sprained ankle mean we were now down to three girls. So with only three girls Staffordshire were already 4-0 up, as no player the games were conceded. Luckily Staffordshire found an extra girls who kindly agreed to play for use (even thought the points would not count) and it was hr birthday. So happy Birthday and and a big thank you to Shruti Deshprender.

So Worcestershire’s U18 away fixture saw not only a age young team but an experienced young team. Most parents had travelled to spectate and encourage they child to play well. The final score of 18-2 does not unfortunately give you a true picture of the 6 games that were closely lost with 17, 18 and 19s. IF these games had of gone our way, it would have made the final score so much closer.

All of the mixed pairing when stepping on court had never played together before, certainly not under match conditions. But each mixed pair worked hard together and communication between the couples was flowing.
Singles. The boys found it a little harder than the girls. Their rallies were longer and each point was fought for and well deserved, unfortunately the crucial shot going Staffordshire’s way. The girls for the majority of games closer results and saw Emily C, give Worcestershire their first game. GO Emily C……..well played and fantastic determination. Sophie played well moving the opponent around but missing out on the winning shots. Emily M did herself proud, returning to county juniors and with almost no match experience, thrown in at the deep end, way to go Emily and thank you.
Moving on the the level doubles. Ethan and Charlie played extremely well together, narrowly losing 19 and 19 to their equal pair. Well played the two of you. Matt and Zak for their first time on court together facing the first pair of Staffordshire a strong and positive first outing where they grew in confidence ready for the second pair. Their game against the second pair saw Worcestershire’s second win. Well done Matt and Zak.
Sophie and Emily C, again a new pairing saw respectable scores but unfortunately the oppositions experience paid off.
A special thanks go to Emily M who relatively new to the county stood up to the challenge and also moms and dads for taking on the M5 roadworks.

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Half-Term Training Camp – October 2017

Training Camp over the Half-Term October 20017

Although all the training for Worcestershire stops over the half-term in October 2017, our badminton colleagues the West Midlands Performance Centre are running a couple of training camps. So check out their website on the Future events page HERE. There may be something of interest to keep you going over the break. Players from the Monday nights session should look at the Emerging and Developing sessions. Players from Thursday and Sunday should look at the Potential sessions.

Lorraine Cole (Head coach at the PC) is running the session helped by several other coaches for the Emerging and Developing groups, whilst Stephanie Cartwright-Randle runs the Potentials group with other coaches. All of the sessions are held at the University of Birmingham’s new Sports and Fitness Centre in Edgbaston, Birmingham.

The sessions will include and cover movement, getting you to the shuttle faster and balanced, tactics, where you should be standing and what to look for from your opponent. Then there is technique, how to hit the shuttle and fine tune what you have already mastered.

The booking forms must be completed and sent over to Lorraine, with payments made to secure you place in the sessions.

Contact either Lorraine or Stephanie regarinding the Half-term camps in October 2017

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Worcestershire 2017 U17B

7th October 2017 U17Bronze Results

2017 U17B

2017 U17B – Young Worcestershire Players Emily Carpenter and Lydia Ferris

Worcestershire Schools Badminton Association host their first Badminton England junior tournament in 2017 U17B. The Under 17 Bronze was held in the Sports Hall at Turves Green Boys school, Northfield, Birmingham. Saturday 7th October saw 60 players walk on turn to compete in the U17Bronze. Results and the scores can be found on the Badminton England website HERE. You will see that several of the games in the qualifying rounds were close 21-20’s. You cannot get much closer that that. So those winner games that tight kept their nerve, those with the 20’s can still hold their heads high.

The tournament saw some not only tight games, but loss of seeds and them some 1st and 2nd seeds in the finals.Scratch pairs and some Under 15 players made medal positions. George Railton entered both the MD and XD as partner wanted and made both semi’s, well done George, Joe and Hanna (his two partners). Emily and Lydia paired up for their first BE tournament together and won Bronze, GO GIRLS.

Here are some photos of the winners.

2017 U17B

2017 U17B – Mixed

2017 U17B

2017 U17B – Boys Singles

2017 U17B

2017 U17B – Girls Singles

2017 U17B

2017 U17B- Girls Doubles

2017 U17B

2017 U17B – Boys Doubles

2017 U17B

2017 U17B – Scratch Pair Joe and George.

All in All a fab day and all done by 4.30pm. So those with long journeys still got home at a reasonable time.

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Volunteers 2017

WBSA are looking for Volunteers

VolunteersAs a county we are always in need of some volunteers to help with a number of jobs during the badminton season.

Jobs can be as simple as helping the coaches set up the posts and nets at the start of the session. Collecting any/all used shuttles at the end of the session and putting the equipment away.

Getting a little more involved would be, jobs like helping out at any of the tournaments we run. This involves a little more commitment during the tournament. Even getting involved in the set up and work carried out prior to the event. Lots to do and a job shared always works well.

Another job is a Team manager for matches, working with the coach to organize the team for fixture, home or away (refreshment and transport etc…). Then there is always being part of the committee, fixtures secretary, secretary, chairman etc. etc. etc. Volunteers are what make the county run more successfully. If you feel you have a little or a lot of time then contact one of the committee members or drop Stephanie a line, on either her mobile 07976 814036 or her email

Look forward to you volunteering soon.

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Training 2017 – Starts September

Worcestershire Junior County Training 2017 starts September

Calling all Worcestershire County Junior players. All your season’s training 2017 starts Sunday 10th September at Turves Green. Other sessions including Mondays and Thursdays at Bromsgrove School, start the following days.

With Lorraine Cole heading the training 2017 program and the likes of Julia Mann delivering the main bulk of the Mondays training what more can Worcestershire Schools Badminton Association want. These two coaches are both EX- England players and both have coached at Badminton England’s head quarters with the top English players. Other county coaches Stuart Ingram, Jonathan Hulse and Stephanie Cartwright-Randle, assist and run the other sessions, along with several volunteers.

Don’t forget training with and for your county entitles you to play badminton to represent your county in inter-county matches (Shires League) and then there is the ‘ICT’ (Inter County Tournament) the pinnacle of Junior County badminton. Where players train hard and fight for the place to attend this grand event, historically held in Nottingham at the University. Held over the Easter period at the end of the season. It is considered an honor to represent your county and attend the 4 day event.

Don’t forget Worcestershire Schools Badminton Association training 2017 commences Sunday 10th September.

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Junior badminton summer camp in Redditch

Redditch council and a badminton Summer Camp

Redditch badmintonRedditch and Bromsgrove council are working with the West Midlands Performance Centre and running three days of badminton. Lorraine Cole from Worcestershire School Badminton Association and the WMPC will be running the sessions at Abbey stadium in Redditch. The camp is over 3 days where she will be coaching children of all ages on how to play badminton.  All the details can be found HERE on the Redditch BC website along with instructions on how to book.

This golden opportunity from to play badminton for three days. WMPC and WSBA coach Lorraine Cole is at Abbey Staduim in Redditch.

See what it is all about and book your child’s place HERE.

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Summer Badminton

Are you interested in doing some Summer badminton?


Summer 2017Well the West Midlands Performance Centre are running a Camp of Summer Badminton at the University of Birmingham. The sessions are for four hours a day, for four days and runs for three weeks during August.

The like of Julia Mann (GB and England coach), Lorraine Cole (National Junior Coach) and other coaches will be delivering the sessions over the Summer of 2017. Full details of the Summer Camp at the new Sport and Fitness centre at the University of Birmingham.

Full details and booking forms can be found on the West Midlands Performance website HERE. The camp caters for all levels of players, from beginners who are looking to take the sport up and to the top level county players who are looking to train throughout the Summer to keep their fitness levels up. From what I believe there are other valuable sessions regarding nutrition and SnC (Strength and Conditioning) along with others.

Apparently you can do as much or as little as you like!

Don’t hang about book you Summer badminton sessions soon!

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Julia Mann – New Worcestershire Coach

Worcestershire School Badminton Association welcomes Julia Mann to their list of Impressive coaches.

Julia Mann

Julia Mann for the last few years has been working at Badminton England in Milton Keynes coaching, training the GB squad and the England players….. Now she is moving to the Midlands and taken on a role with Worcestershire Juniors. I personally don’t think we can do as a county any better that her as a coach. She will be working mainly with the Under 18 and the Under 16 on Monday evenings. That is not saying she won’t be involved with the Under 14 and Under 12 too, she is starting with the upper age group players.

What an opportunity for the young players of Worcestershire County Junior Squad?
What parent would not want their child coached by this Singles expert?
How good it this going to be for the County?

The only way is UP!

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