About WSBA

WSBA is responsible for junior county badminton in Worcestershire. It is run by a committee of volunteers. Most of the volunteers tend to be parents of the players who are usually currently benefiting from its activities. Some parents stay on to help out after their child has moved on.

WSBA employs a number of qualified and experienced coaches to train our county’s players. Volunteers are also used to assist the coaches at each session. The volunteers themselves are qualified coaches and most are still club, county players. The more coaches in the hall or on court the quicker players progress. All coaching arrangements are co-ordinated by the junior county’s head coach Lorraine Cole

WSBA has in place a range of policies and procedures to make sure that everything runs safely, efficiently, and fairly. Our policies highlight our commitment to keeping children and young players safe from abuse, bullying and other significant harm as well as making sure that everyone associated with junior county badminton has equality of opportunity.

Like most committees, we always welcome anyone interested in getting involved with the running and development of WSBA and its activities. Safer recruitment processes (including any relevant Disclosure and Barring Service checks) will be followed for all appointments of coaches and other volunteers. Any parent or other person who is interested in helping out in some small (or large) way should contact one of the current committee members.